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Lady of pleasure: delicate shades

Every service has its own peculiarities. The same we can say about escort services. Of course, it’s very easy to put personal photos online, but it’s not the road that will lead to much money in the pocket. The woman, who decided to earn for a living in such delicate way, must have a unique talent. Natural charisma and hotness, charming face and beautiful body – oh, it’s not enough for clients. Each escort lady has to burn with desire, if not to the client, then to love joy and pleasure. Each man likes to have sex when a woman howls lasciviously… The sterner sex representatives do not like when their woman-partner lies in the bed like a wooden doll. Not even speaking about sex with her.

So what traits should women of pleasure have to work in escort?

First of all, attractive appearance

Man love to watch a woman, to see her every detail. Of course, outer beauty plays the most important role. Moreover, an escort lady is not a future wife to try to know beauty of soul. A lady, who has chosen love for money, must raise sexual desire with the first sight. Everybody clearly understands that, and that’s why on our site the real photo of all escort ladies are shown.

Of course, passion

Ideal variant of an escort lady – passion not to a man, but passion to sexual games. This is the only way that a woman of pleasure can satisfy a client.

Not to be boring - a desire to develop

Sex and erotica is an enormous field to develop charisma skills. Each lady may learn pole dance, erotic massage and many other variants just in desire to reach sexual satisfaction.

That all leads to readiness for sexual experiments. The more relaxed and loosed an escort lady is, the more demanding her services are and the more money they pay for her services. If a lady practices exceptionally classical and oral sex, men’s interest towards her will decrease. If a woman is always open for new learnings and experiments, she will always be able to surprise a client, and that will be only for her favor: for example, tantric sex, erotic massage or lesbian show. 

Phisical fitness. Beautiful body and its plastique

Elite escort lady must obligatory have ideal body. No cellulites, no big bellies – all that a man can watch at home, looking at his wife. Our clients come to us to see the beauty of women’s body.  The best dance for a man is a dance of striptease with smooth, flowing, pliant movements.

Ladies who work in our agency have all characteristics and skills, mentioned above. That’s why they are so popular with the men. Charming wild cats will present you with the highest satisfaction of sexual games.

АртБухта неотъемлемая часть легендарного города, славного Севастополя. Пользуясь открытыми источниками сайт старается познакомить гостей города, отдыхающих в Крыму с памятными местами и историческими вехами города. В Артиллерийской бухте сконцентрированы все, самые интересные увеселительные заведения . Здесь можно понежится на пляже, потанцевать, послушать уличных музыкантов или посетить театр и дельфинарий.
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